Hale International provides contract staff to support customers that are implementing Workday®, rolling out new Workday® modules to increase functionality/ support business growth/ handle Workday® updates, or to customers that require general support as they don’t have the skills in house.

We also provide permanent staff to customers that are looking to build out their internal Workday® HR or Financials teams to manage their Workday® tenant. We provide experts from our 4000+ Workday® network to help configure the systems functionality and security, develop and build integrations, assist with knowledge transfer, provide data and reporting insights, and provide general support across the system.


  • Specialized Workday® network We have access to the best candidates in the market. You can utilize our vast network and strong database of over 4000+ Workday® professionals.
  • Headhunt candidates – We headhunt and hand pick candidates from your competitors to ensure we secure the best candidates in Ecosystem for your specific needs.
  • Industry expertise – With 30+ years combined experience in the Workday® ecosystem, all Hale employees are Workday® staffing experts. We offer all our clients comprehensive market insights and advice to support you.
  • Global coverage – We have candidates available around the world allowing us to assist you with any requirements you have across any country.
  • Contract support – We can have Workday® Consultants onsite with you in 24 hours to suit your short-term urgent needs or assist with specific projects.
  • Save you time and money – We collect and assess resumes daily, check candidates references and filter the candidates to present the best and most suited talent to your needs. The longer a role is open the more of an impact that has on your business, we can reduce that time.
  • Competitively priced – Our contract resources are very competitively priced in the Workday® market 

Our Services

We offer the following market leading staffing solutions that are flexible around your needs


An efficient and fast solution to cover your short- term needs. This flexible solution allows you to hire a Workday® Consultant to bridge a gap in your team, or utilize their skills for a specific project or task. Our extensive network and database of consultants ensures we can act fast and have consultants start working with you in 24 hours.



A solution to find you talented full- time employees that we carefully select from within the ecosystem based upon your needs and requirements. We typically hand pick these candidates for you by headhunting them from other organizations. We offer advice on the market conditions, salaries and anything you require to ensure that your organization is best placed to attract the talent you're seeking to build your team. 


A solution that is leveraged by our clients typically for more senior positions, or when they are searching for a unique candidate in the market. This solution requires a percentage of fee to be paid upfront and is where we:
  • Build your hiring plan/ strategy with you
  • Send you video interviews of each candidate prior to you speaking to them
  • Market your organization openly within the Ecosystem
  • Save you time and money by managing the whole process


A solution that allows you to outsource your ongoing Workday® application support needs. You can purchase bucket of hours and use them as and when needed. This gives our customers the reassurance that if any issues arise, our Workday® Consultants are there to assist on demand.