Case Study - Retail

Case Study - Retail

Industry: Retail  

Location:  USA

No of Employees: 2500+


The Company

Our customer is a leading global Retail organization with offices across the USA, Europe and APAC.


The Challenge

Our client was implementing Workday® HCM, Payroll and Financials, and reached out to us as they were 3 months away from going live with Workday® and were having major issues internally manging the whole implementation, and also across Payroll.

The customer immediately needed a Workday® Project Manager to take over from the CHRO who was manging the implementation with no prior Workday® experience, a Workday® Payroll Manager, and two Workday® Payroll Analysts as they just didn’t have the resources internally and weren’t able to find them from other staffing firms or their Workday® Partner. We spoke to our customer on a Friday and had 4 contractors start with them on Monday to assist immediately and save their implementation.

Once our client saw our capabilities they immediately asked for further help and we placed 3 further Workday® Financial Consultants with them, 2 Workday® Integration Developers, and a further Workday® Payroll Consultant that optimized all their Payroll processes post Go live.


The Result

Our client went live with Workday® HCM, Payroll and Financials on time and we were praised as saving their implementation, as well as saving them hundreds and thousands of dollars rectifying issues and preventing a number of issues before they happened.